Butter Beans and Broccoli

Lately I have been wanting to spend more time preparing home cooked meals.

Cooking at home has several benefits…
1) I know exactly what is going into my food
2) It is much easier to incorporate fresh rather than processed ingredients
3) Purchasing food at the market is less expensive than paying $30 for dinner for two at a restaurant
4) I think that cooking is also a cathartic and relaxing experience

Though the desire to save money and eat healthier are ever-present in my mind, I have often given way to dining out. A great friend once told me, “When you eat at a restaurant, you are at the mercy of the cooks and waiters for your dining experience, leaving no control as to the preparation of your meal and standard of service you receive.”

Now I realize that not all restaurants leave you disappointed but dining out should be an occasional, rather than routine activity.

So I have been making an effort to engage in the pleasurable act of cooking.

Tonight, I decided to make butter beans and rice. The great thing about beans is that there are so many varieties. Also, they are packed with fiber and protein. I decided upon butter beans and rice. A little more exciting than red beans. I paired the beans with Butterball Turkey Sausage.

I cooked the beans for about two hours and voila: creamy, well-seasoned beans! For a side dish, I microwaved some fresh broccoli. Used the new Ziploc Zip’n Steam bags. All I had to do was add one tablespoon of water and microwave for three minutes. The broccoli was a brilliant green as well as tasty and tender. (A side note on the beans: soaking them overnight takes time off of the final cooking process and they tend to come out creamier).

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