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New Orleans’ grocery stores (my personal favorites)

For me, a trip into a grocery store is like a trip to the museum…no matter whether I have eaten or not, all of my senses are engaged as I go down each aisle. The grocery store is a place for me to relax as I peruse the aisle with all of the fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, and cheeses. That is often where I decide what I would like to cook next. I am like a kid in a candy store…

There are some grocery stores I love because of the variety of products that are regional, in no particular order:

Dorignac’s grocery has been serving the Greater New Orleans area since 1947 and has a plethora of products native to Louisiana, from Blue Runner beans to Pontchaloua strawberries to mirlitons to locally caught seafood. The meat department even makes its own italian meatballs, stuffed crabs, au gratins, meatloaf, and red gravy (or marinara sauce). In addition to their cheese, wine, produce, meat and deli departments, they also do catering and have a bakery department which makes wedding cakes and delicious pastries.

Langenstein’s had its humble beginnings in 1922 when it was just a small corner grocery in Uptown New Orleans. However, it has now grown in size with two full size locations in Metairie and Uptown New Orleans. They offer full service cheese and meat departments as well as specialty items local to New Orleans, as well a full service catering department.

Rouse supermarket became a reality thanks to Anthony J. Rouse, Sr. in 1960 beginning with just 4 employees in a 7,000 square foot location in Houma, Louisiana. Mr. Rouse purchased his produce from local vendors and got his fish and seafood from local fishermen. He even made his own sausages and boudin in a shed out back. Today Rouse supermarket is represented by more than 50 stores spanning three states and keeps growing.



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