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Curtis Stone’s Chicken & Leek Pot Pie

Curtis Stone's Chicken and Leek PieLately, I have been getting out of “my box” in terms of cooking. Have you ever flipped through the pages of a cookbook and said to yourself: “I’ll make this” or “I’ll make that” but then never get around to it because it may be inconvenient, lengthy or new? Well, I have found myself in that situation many time but this time I decided to follow through.

I have seen Take Home Chef’s Curtis Stone make lots of recipes that are targeted at working couples and families who don’t usually have time to cook recipes that take several hours. I checked out his new book from the library: “Relaxed at Home” and flipped through the pages. There was a tasty looking recipe called Chicken and Leek Pie topped with flaky puff pastry dough. My mouth began to water knowing that I just may be able to make this pie myself.

Before I entered into the thought process that usually talks me out of cooking dinner I pulled out the rotisserie chicken I purchased and began shredding it for the pie. I don’t know about you but when I cook, I get into a zone where I am completely and utterly relaxed. I think it is like Zen for Foodies!

How I improvised on the recipe:
1) The recipe called for chicken thighs and legs with the skin to be baked. I used a rotisserie chicken which I shredded…quick, easy and already seasoned.
2) I didn’t have course ground mustard, so I added yellow mustard…it worked.
3) Make sure that you peel a few layers of the leeks away after cutting off the tops and bottoms. And after chopping, put them in a bowl of cold water to clean and separate them because after being cut they have a tendency to stick.
4) Also, I realized that puff pastry tears easily, so unfold it slowly. And also do not let it defrost for too long.
Once you begin with this recipe, you will find that it is something that you can make again and again!

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